The Company envisions to attain the pre-eminent status of the most preferred service provider for card business in the country, serving the needs and requirements of potential outlets, with utmost expediency and reliability.

To enhance the card acquiring business in Nepal, with the terminalized merchants through the use of the latest tools and technology, which not only ensures smooth and secure transactions but also offers prompt service in the Nepalese card market.

Aims and Objectives
Alpine Card Services' (ACS) goal is to become the most preferred service provider involved in card acquiring business in Nepal, through the following objectives:
  1. Through updating and upgrading its facilities to become the most effective and efficient service provider for card business.
  2. By building up trust and relationship with its customers.
  3. By training and educating its customers for processing of card transaction.
  4. By providing efficient services at the most affordable rates.
  5. Indulge in ethical business practices and avoid any mal-practices that might affect the Company's name and image.
ACS has entered into business alliance with Standard Chartered Bank Nepal (SCBN) for card acquiring marketing, solicitation of merchants, installation of Point of Sale (POS) terminals and servicing of the merchants. Similar arrangement has been entered into with Nabil Bank Ltd. recently.

There are over 100 Financial Institutions in Nepal and amongst them SCBN and Nabil are considered to be the two leading Financial Institution in the country. SCBN has been operating in the country since 1986 with their market share and profits going up every year. Their point of representation is 12 and covers all the business generating hubs of Nepal.

Similarly, Nabil has been operating in the country since 1984 with their market share and profits going up every year. The network of branches is 17.

ACS, as mentioned above, is engaged in Card acquiring business purely as a service provider. It has confined itself for solicitation of potential merchants, installation of POS terminals and merchant servicing. Backed by its 17 years of experience in the card business, it has gained immense level of merchant loyalty mainly due to its service quality. ACS has been reimbursing the merchant upon presentation of the slip, which is considered to be value added services to its merchants.

In view of the market size, business growth and the competition, ACS has expanded its branch network at locations, detailed below, that are considered to be the main hub for card acquiring business:
  1. Durbar Marg
  2. Thamel
  3. Newroad
  4. Pokhara
ACS has already signed 1,604 merchant outlets of which 550 are terminalized and plan to terminalize another 300 by end of 2006. It has also planned to expand its branch network in other potential locations within the country so as to have wider reach and provide prompt services to the merchants thereat.
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